CI Financial believes that good corporate governance is essential to the effective and efficient operation of the company. The Board of Directors and management are committed to maintaining a high standard of governance, including through compliance with the governance guidelines of the Canadian securities administrators and best practices recommendations of the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance.

The Board of Directors pays special attention to the issue of risk management at CI through the Board’s Audit and Risk Committee, and governance through the Board's Governance, Human Resources, and Compensation Committee. The Committees’ mandates are to develop the company’s approach to governance issues and oversee the corporate governance process, including enterprise risk management policies and procedures.

CI also upholds principles, policies, and procedures that promote integrity and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations in specialized areas of the company. These include policies addressing money laundering, bribery and corruption, personal trading by portfolio managers and other employees, and sales practices. CI also maintains a whistleblower policy under which employees may anonymously submit complaints or concerns to senior management or to the Board’s Lead Director.